Dr. Jyh-Yang Wu takes office as Fifth President of YZU數學家吳志揚接任元智大學第五任校長

The inauguration ceremony is held on YZU campus on February 1. Dr.Jyh-Yang Wu (吳志揚), Ph.D. Degree in Mathematics in University of Chicago and former President of National Chung Cheng University, takes office as the fifth President. President of Trustee Board Douglas Hsu gives his speech, welcoming new President for his inauguration of YZU.

As President of Chung Cheng University at the age of 45, Dr. Wu has experiences in administration issues in higher education. “The University will follow the path of the world,” Mr. Hsu says in his speech. “We should be smarter, connective with the world path, ”Hsu notes that innovation is the key to the goal, along with accountability and ambition. He blesses Dr. Wu to lead YZU to another peak and brighter future.




((左)代理校長徐澤志教授(中)元智大學校董會董事長徐旭東親自監交(右)新任校長吳志揚教授 /照片由本報提供)




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