2016 PCB學生優秀論文獎 元智大學化材系吳映璇同學掄冠

After the IMPACT call for papers since February this year, followed by a two-round selection of abstracts and full papers, the 2016 PCB Student Best Paper Awards recipients have been officially announced during the TPCA Show, and the awards ceremony was held during the evening banquet the first day of exhibition. The Golden Award goes to Ying Syuan Wu, from Department of Chemical Engineering & Material Science, Yuan Ze University, who wrote a thesis on “Microstructure and Its Reliability of High-speed Cu Electrodeposition”, supervised by professor C. E. Ho.

The prize sum of this year’s PCB Student Best Paper Awards is a staggering NTD$ 260.000. For Golden Award and Silver Award recipients have the luxury of receiving an additional subsidy to present their theses at the CTEX as well as visit the shows in 2017. The fabulous researches by six recipients will also be known to public within the thesis topic zone in TPCA Show arena. We welcome all those who are interested to join the IMPACT-IAAC 2016 to see the complete research presentation.



2016-PCB學生優秀論文獎,自今年二月起正式展開邀稿,歷經半年來的摘要、全文兩輪評選,各項獎項得主已於TPCA Show展期正式對外公告。今年金獎得主為元智大學化學工程與材料科學系吳映璇同學,主題為:Microstructure and its Reliability of High-Speed Cu Electrodeposition,指導教授為何政恩教授。

今年優秀論文獎之總獎金更高達新台幣26萬,其中金獎、銀獎之學生,更可獲得補助,於2017年前往華東電路板展進行得獎論文發表與展會參訪。而六位得獎之學生論文精彩內容,也將於TPCA Show展區內之論文主題區內呈現。

此外,吳映璇與李珮慈同學及何政恩老師參加2016 IMPACT國際研討會。在此次會議中,雙雙獲得優秀學生論文獎-首獎(First place, 獎學金六萬)與優秀論文獎(獎學金兩萬),是唯一私校獲獎論文!並於明年受大會邀請,全額資助至南韓參加韓國電路板協會(Korea Printed Circuit Association, KPCA)所舉辦的三年一度世界電子電路會議(Electronic Circuits World Convention, ECWC)。

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