Bridge designed by A&D students glow YZU Pond 2017戲綠塘 元智藝設系學生打造簡支橋

Junior students who take Structure and Form collaborate to build a single wooden bridge on the Pond of Teasing Green. Supervised by Associate Professor Kuan-Hua Chen, these students design the bridge by following principles of bridge engineering, then construct it down to the pond. Finally, each student walks on the bridge to the other side, and pass the assignment.

Totally 31 students divided into five groups to finish the bridge building project. After spending three weeks to discuss the idea of building a single bridge on campus, these students took into account the environmental conditions and the construction process. To present a completed concept of a single bridge, they investigated the shape of the pond, geographic situations, and colors matching the environment.

Chen praises these students for their artwork; especially they have to walk on it on their own. Chen says passing the bridge is just like making a milestone in their learning process in the university. During the construction period, Chen observes students have made an enormous progress by experiencing a bridge building, such as pulling the ropes and checking the structure of the path on the bridge. Chen says these students should be proud of what they finished in this course.









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