[No Barrier to Love] International Student of Yuan Ze University Travels Together to Fight the Epidemic 有愛無礙 元智大學境外生探索營出遊同心抗疫


The Global Affairs Office (GAO) and Global Student Association (GSA) of Yuan Ze University have jointly organized a two-days-one-night trip for YZU international students from the 24th to 25th July 2020. The summer this year is surely different due to the COVID-19 epidemic. This change is especially felt by international students who were unable to return to their home countries due to travel restrictions. Therefore, GAO had specially planned a local culture exposure  and obstacle course trip. This trip was joined by a diverse mix of nationalities, which are made of India, Indonesia, Saint Christopher and Nevis, Russia, Kingdom of Eswatini, Gambia, Nepal, the United States of America, Bangladesh, etc., as well as some Taiwanese students.


A total of nearly a hundred students of Yuan Ze University arrived at the Taoyuan Youth Experience Learning Park on the 24th of July. Throughout the trip, participants were able to get to know and support each other to overcome obstacles designed for them. Most importantly, their diversity in language and background does not stand as a barrier for them to complete the course as a team.

The “Confidence Strike” course is one of the most challenging courses offered here. In this course, each participant climbed a three-stories tall column bare-handedly, stood on a round platform with a diameter of a basketball and last but not least, leaped to slap a red ball hanging at a distance. Students were heard to shout their dreams on top of the platform while their teammates on the ground roared words of encouragement for them using different languages. This phenomena made us realize that we can overcome any obstacles alone, but we are surely stronger when we do it as a team.


With the end of the exciting first day which was filled with physical and teamwork activities, the participants looked forward to a more life-changing experience the following day. On the second day of the trip, participants went on a Xinwu Stone Tidal Weir Eco-tour and enjoyed seaside-flavored meal with nostalgic cottage rice balls.

The Chief Global Officer of Yuan Ze University, Professor Ching-Pu Chen was also present on that day. He was seen to be part of the fun by climbing the high-altitude facility with the students. He said: “the purpose of this activity is to increase the bonding among our students of different nationalities. We also aimed to achieve ethnic integration and globalization by providing a platform for them to complete the given tasks as a team. Moreover, since Yuan Ze University is strategically located in Taoyuan, a land rich with Hakka culture, this trip is believed to provide participants with a better understanding of the land and environment they study in.









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