Visit Kilews: Learning out of the Classroom

【應用外語系 林宛萱投稿】

The lesson of Department of Foreign Language and Applied Linguists, Business Communications, put what students have learned to good use. The teacher, Abraham Chao took students to visit Kilews manufacturer, the leading brand of electric screwdrivers, including brushless, cordless and smart tools in the world on May 21st.

At that day, in addition to looking around each floor and division, students had a chance to learn the successful methods form Vice-CEO and managers in the Q&A time. In the meantime, each group of students has to take turns asking questions and interpreting English into Chinese or reverse for both sides during meeting promptly.

宛萱報導(Appreciation: thanks KILEWS and teacher give us this chance to learn outside the class./Provided by  Department of Foreign Languages and Applied Linguistics)

Abraham Chao said “From visiting a well-known manufacturer, students can personally comprehend how a big manufacturer to be managed and run well and systematically: from materials input, assembly, finished products, Q&C, shipment output, complaint& adjustment. In addition, students can also learn the manners& spirit of OP for their work as well as experiencing impromptu interpretation. This is a valuable opportunity for senior students before graduation.”

宛萱報導2(Interpreting practice: ten years of practice for one minute on the stage./Provided by  Department of Foreign Languages and Applied Linguistics)

One of the students served an interpreter also said “at that moment, I need to memorize the information what the speaker said and immediately translated it into another language. What’s more, I also need to change the difficult words into an easy way for the listeners to understand. Only when I stood up, holding on the microphone and facing the audience, I really knew that to be a professional interpreter needs to practice a lot and improve the skills of languages.”

宛萱報導3(Q&A time: we getting the answers from managers and applies to our life./Provided by  Department of Foreign Languages and Applied Linguistics)

After the visit, students benefited a lot and knew more about the career life and what traits that companies need. It’s a great chance for students to keep up with the successful story and learn how they manage it.

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