YZU conducts remote teaching until the end of semester 元智大學遠距教學至學期結束

In accordance with the anti-epidemic measures for schools by Taoyuan City Government, and the Ministry of Education’s suggestion of remote teaching to all universities, Yuan Ze University has started distance teaching from Saturday, May 14 to keep teachers and students off campus.

All classes including experimental, practicum, and hands-on courses are switch to remote learning. If an in-person class is imperative, a special application is required.  In addition, if it is necessary to conduct experimental or hands-on courses in school, teachers should arrange schedule for students to control the number of people and keep an appropriate distance.  Everyone should wear a mask and teachers are also requested to run courses by digital methods as much as possible.




thumbnail_元智大學校景1 (元智大學校景/照片由本報訊提供)

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