YZU Launches New Bilingual APP 2.0 元智APP 2.0嶄新登場!

The University is pleased to announce the launch of the new bilingual APP 2.0 (http://app.yzu.edu.tw/yzuapp/ ).

* Offer both Chinese and English user interfaces for local and international users.

* Offer personalized information services for different categories of users.

* Provide library pass functionality for cardless library access.

* Provide ISBN code scanning functionality to check books availability in the library.


元智APP 2.011月中上線,推出「圖書館通行證」與「中英雙語版」兩大亮點新功能!
帶給你更便利的校園生活,還沒下載APP的同學趕緊行動吧! (http://app.yzu.edu.tw/yzuapp/ )

元智APP 2.0 即將嶄新登場(元智APP2.0即將嶄新登場/海報由元智資服處提供)

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